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Birds For Sale in Germany and The UK 

Kits for Sale in 2022  Kits of 6 young birds are available from DandiLofts UK at 600 Pounds  in 2022

Young Birds for stock Direct from the performance birds in Germany available prices from   1500- 5000 Pounds  each ,Birds Like The old Hollander 2 x 800 miles , The 500 who has flown the 2nd ,3rd,4th,5th 13th 44th sect all over 550 miles , Miss Paris, the sister to Marathon boy (now in the USA) she was 2nd sect 57th Int open Paris 580 miles as well as 25 sect 82 Int open London 600 miles  , The green Lantern, Heinzie, Mr Reliable and many more top class Marathon pigeons, (shipping arrangements and  cost's  are the buyers  responsibility) Most of these Birds are now in England at Dandilofts UK

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Children and grandchildren from The Performance Birds

Available from Dandilofts UK Price on enquiry